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What does it all mean...

Sometimes it can be hard to know what will be the best option for you personally. With so many options out there now, this section will answer some of those commonly asked questions to ensure you can come to your appointment knowing all the facts.

What's the difference between Gel & Acrylic?

Acrylic is a powder mixed with a monomer liquid to create a hard substance that can be formed and shaped to you nail. There is no such thing as Gel powder. SNS is a form of acrylic, requiring a different method of application, usually thinner than standard acrylic. However, due to its unyielding flexibility, you do not want SNS applied to long nails. All I can say is – bend, snap, ouch!


Gel is a liquid with a honey type consistency.  Essentially made up of the same components as
powder Acrylic but with Oligomers. This added ingredient makes Gel flexible, allowing it to bend
with the nail. It can be applied directly to the nail plate for long lasting wear, assisting natural growth without breaking or chipping. Gel can also be used to create extensions, without the use of plastic tips and messy glue. Gel is cured or hardened with a UV/LED lamp.
Even though Gel is applied thinner, it has the strength and wear of Acrylic without the heavy bulky
feel, giving you a more natural look and feel - more like your natural nail.

Is Gel healthier for your nails?

While I would LOVE to shout YES from the rooftop, the truth is you are applying product to Keratin,
which is dead skin, so what goes on the surface will not affect your nails. However, what does
damage nails is over-filing of the nail plate and using the wrong technique or tools in the removal of product. 
The worst thing you can do is pick and peel any product from your nails as they could take months to recover. 
If you do not wish to repeat the service, please have them professionally soaked or gently buffed off. Alternatively, and this is what I love about Gel - grow them out. You can keep your nails short during the process and colour polish will mask the growth between the cuticle and Gel

Why does Paulette choose Gel over Acrylic?

Once you’ve had them applied to your nails you’ll see why.  Gel is cleaner, softer, easier to apply and remove.  It retains its glossy finish throughout the entire time.  Unlike Acrylic, it is hard to spot the regrowth and Gel is void of strong chemical smells. 
I love how they can be applied to short nails without bulk and most importantly, I love clients
reactions when they have Gel applied for the first time….it is an experience they often want to
repeat again and again……and again.

What is the difference between Soft & Hard Gel?

Soft Gel is Gel polishes such as Shellac.  Shellac is one of many many brands of Gel polishes.  I myself use a variety of brands of Gel polishes as no one brand has the monopoly on shades. Shellac is applied the same as nail polish – base coat, colour, top coat.  All coats are cured in a UV/LED lamp. 
Gel polish is a glorified nail polish and is not really meant to last more than a few days or a week at best.  Your nails are always expanding and retracting so Gel polish – like nail polish, will crack and chip fairly quickly.  It is usually for clients who just want their nails done for an occasion without long lasting wear.

Hard Gel is a thicker Gel that goes over colour Gel polish or French tips or nail art.  It allows me to
create a better shape and will not chip or crack.  Hard Gel is what I use for most clients and it lasts 4 or 5 weeks.

What is BIAB Gel?

BIAB - Builder in a Bottle is a wonderful way to have beautiful gel nails without any bulk or weight on your nails. It comes in a variety of shades - mostly natural nudes, pinks or lovely beige tones. It can be applied quickly and effortlessly to short nails without extensions.

While I use a variety of brands for various services, I only use TGB - The Gel Bottle for BIAB because it's the best on the market at this time and guarantees long lasting wear without chipping, peeling or lifting. 


Please see my blog post here for a more comprehensive explanation of BIAB and why it's best for those looking for a beautiful, natural, modest length nail that's assured to be long lasting.


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